GINTOGI: Gintogi Is Not The Official Gentoo Installer


2003-04-16 -- New email address

I just got a new email address to use for GINTOGI. Please direct any email dealing with GINTOGI to this new address. I will however, continue checking any other addresses I've given out but I'm trying to get GINTOGI mail into it's own account. Thanks.

2003-04-14 -- FAQ this

The updated FAQ is FINALLY online. I thought that would never get done... Enjoy.


2003-04-13 -- Status Update part 1

It's 8am and I still haven't gotten to bed so unfortunatly I don't have any questions ready to add to the faq, and I'm going to keep this somewhat short if I can so I can get to bed ;)

Up until about 2 weeks ago most of the coding done so far had been various experments that were just clumped together, which was rather messy and had no seperation between frontend and back end. So I decided to just dump all the code I had and begin a complete re-write so that I could keep my codebase as clean as possible and seperate the backend and frontend as much as possible.

As a result, while designing the interface between the front and backends a lot of very cool stuff happened. What I am calling "Scripting" (the ability to record an install and use the recording to completely automate an identical install on a similar machine) will probably be part of the v1.0 unstead of waiting until a much later release as previous planned. Another big thing that happened was how text messages need to be handled will allow for extremely easy translations.

The past couple weeks since I began the complete re-write have had some distractions and I haven't been feeling too good the past few days so progress has been slow, things should be picking up speed soon.

I've had a few people asking what they can do to help. Right now there isn't much. At the moment the plans for handling partitioning is basically to just call cfdisk (to later be replaced with a custom interface) but if anyone has any ideas on handling partitioning better than that and is willing to do some work on it please let me know. Also, as soon as the specs for the interface between the frontend and backend is more or less completed a couple people to create alternative frontends. Testers will be needed eventually but that's a long ways off, the same goes for translaters.

There is quite a bit more going on and plenty of things I've forgotten but it's 9am and I still have to go to bed so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post the FAQ and any other updates. Once again, if you have any questions feel free to email me at Looking back this didn't end up near as short as I wanted it to...


2003-04-12 -- Status update? FAQ!

Just wanted to let anyone who checks out the page know that I'll be posting a semi-full status update later tonight when I get enough time.

If anyone has any questions about gintogi they'd like answered (especially if they'd be a good addition to a FAQ), feel free to email them to me at drakonite [at] 123mail [dot] org and I'll try to answer them and add some of them to the FAQ. Make sure to put "gintogi" somewhere in the subject line to avoid my spam filter. Thanks.


2003-04-09 -- New page posted

A new webpage has been posted. We are still waiting for our nearly infinite collection of monkeys to come up with the alpha release of gintogi.